Monday, June 14, 2010

But There is No Car Line in Summer . . .

Yes, it is slightly ironic that I start a blog about "Life in the Car Line" the first official day of summer for our family!! I get it. Truth be said though, I won't miss it but I have learned how to be productive after 7 years (at least 7 more to go) of car-lining it! On my last day of car line this year, I did a little math. My oldest daughter Caitlin is now in middle school. In order to get her and her friends (I also carpool!), I need to get to the school by around 1:40 so I can get my spot in the car line, get them and get to the elementary school in time to get my youngest Olivia by 2:30. That being said, that's 50 minutes a day - a minimum, times 180 days of school = 150 hours! That comes to 6.25 days in CAR LINE!! Now, in all honesty, I have only done that for the past year. The previous six, I only spent about 30 minutes a day in car line (two kids - one school) - what did I do with all the extra time - LOL!! But this year, I have been more productive. The purse has stayed cleaned. The receipts are organized. I learned a little Italian (Non parlo l'italiano pozzo reale). Doctor's appointments made. Brownie meetings planned. And the list goes on. So this blog will be about being a mom who loves to decorate, volunteer, travel and all those other wonderful mom things that get planned, thought about and decided while sitting in car line. However don't expect lots of cleaning tips (I do have two I can share with you right now though 1) While I talk on the phone, I walk around the house and blow the dust off shelves! 2) Have children and train them young!) I will share with you great decorating tips I come across, recipes my entire family enjoyed, fun family trips and anything else that happens to me "in or out of the carline"! Sperare che lei piaccia esso. (Hope you enjoy it!)

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