Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mission Organization

Ok, I think I start off every year (like many other folks) very excited about getting organized for the New Year. I always make plans, lists and get busy pinning on Pinterest. Now I made major strides last year, remember these beauties?

Turned an old TV armoire into a baking center.
Still looks this good!
Cleaned up the spice cabinet.
Found a home for our transient items!
Finally got the organization for my closet I wanted!
The hall closet now makes sense and it is easy to find what you are looking for.
But then I have this lovely sight.
(Note, all those plastic bags in the background are now gone
as those were items for the Winter Store at my daughter's school.)
My little butler pantry definitely needs some love.
Holiday and regular storage totally needs to be reorganized.
So my plan for my house for the new year is simple, I am going to go to each room, sit there, and just look at the room with fresh eyes. I will come up with a list of things that need to be done . . . replace curtains, touch-up trim, fill frames . . . and then I am going to create a master list for each room. I will then assign a week to each room and that will be my main focus for the week. I already have a long list for my GTG (Go To Guy) to give me quotes for some home improvements I can't do, so hoping to finally get over that organization hump.

It may just be in my head but I swear my home (meaning the people who live in it) is more balanced when the house is organized. When it's messy (like right now for instance!!), there is more arguing, running late and basic chaos. My new plans will test my theory but that will be for another post!

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