Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel . . .

And there's a coffered ceiling and a pediment there!!

Remember this naked as a blue jay ceiling?

And this huge pile of wood? 

And in the beginning . . .

lead to this but still needing more stain.

To the grand reveal!!
I just LOVE it!
(And yes, to those of you with OCD like me,
the white A/C vent is being replaced with one that matches
the color of the stain!!)

The flowers are courtesy of Nana and Papa
for the girls dance recital this past weekend.

It does still need a coat of polyurethane and I will put that on myself. Remember, I can get more projects done if I help some and I am all for that. Plus, all the past week's activities kept me so busy, I didn't follow my Weight Watchers plan, ate Taco Bell one day (Not nearly as good as I remembered though. Must be because I only used to eat there at 3 am after a LONG night out!!) and still lost 2.8 pounds! I will take it and bring on that polyurethane!

The other major project started with this . . . 

And of course the inspiration piece which finally
got here thanks to Fed Ex and a lot of bubble wrap
(no packaging which made me nervous!).

And voila!

We decided for the time being, to not add the ugly, cheap white doors back.
Why, you ask? I think that answer is obvious.
We are looking for new doors, I am thinking French without the panes, 
maybe a frosted glass or bubbled, so the light gets through but not
that pink chair, or any mess on our desks!

Something like this . . . 
Picture it with the darker stain, no panes, only 2, and opaque glass.

Now back from dreaming and to my reality - my beautiful pediment -

I think the corbels were a great touch.
They copy the swirly design and give the pediment the extra support
it needs because that bad boy is heavy!
(Please look away from the pink chair! 
I promise, it will be recovered by summer's end!).

Yes, I will also address the other elephant in the room - the stair railings.
They were in the house when we bought it, I have hated them from day one.
I know they belong in a John Hughes film but I cannot afford to replace
them with what I want right now.

Someday, with God as my witness (ok, I am from the South and yes I know, 
that is a tad dramatic but then again, so am I), that I will have
beautiful, black, wrought iron railings in my house, maybe something like this!

I think my GTG (Go-to-Guy) did an outstanding job and he is proud of it as well! I will be doing something to the railings for now, but that will be for another post!

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  1. I love it all and it even looks better in real life. Oh yeah, and where can I find one of those GTGs?