Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally Coming Together . . .

Ok, so I have been working real hard on my family room and it is S. L. O. W. L. Y. coming together. If you don't remember, here are some pictures of the before.

Please give me a little break - I had packed up Easter and since I was getting ready to paint, I didn't put anything back on the ledges. I did love that green color but my husband (*cough*) and I, decided to change our overall house look to Mediterranean.  So I pulled everything off the walls, patched ALL those holes, and started painting.

I have lived in this house for a little over 8 years and this is the 4th time I have painted this room. When I realized that, I promised (fingers crossed) my hubby that it will stay this way for awhile!!

Here's the new wall color. It's more of a neutral beige. It goes nicely with the fabric I am making into curtains and a few pillows next week (will post on that sewing attempt later). 

Here's my beautiful new fabric. I think the colors are great!
It's Waverly Santa Maria Adobe.
This is going to be made into two curtains, two seat covers at the kitchen table,
and two pillows.
(Yes, I know the fabrics have Southwestern names but we think the colors
look great and still work perfectly for Mediterranean!).

This complimentary fabric is Waverly's Panama Wave Adobe.
This will cover two chairs at the kitchen table and probably one pillow
or a mat for a frame.

I haven't bought this one but might buy enough to make one or two pillows.
It's called Waverly Mayan Medallion Adobe.

Now, I have been VERY patient with Pottery Barn. I ordered the Tucker Wall Unit in black from them the beginning of April. It wasn't cheap but I got a great deal. I bought a 15% off coupon on eBay for $7 (I know, who knew??) and got a MAJOR discount on S&H. BONUS!  Well, my patience paid off. My PB unit arrived yesterday via White Glove delivery! That means they bring it in your house and set it up! (I have assembled more than my share of furniture in the past few years!!) Thank you Pottery Barn!! The guys were literally in and out in about 10 minutes. And I think it looks FABUUULOUSSS!

Here's the before. This window looks right at the neighbor's house so we ALWAYS
keep the blinds closed or have a piece of furniture over it.
(Remember the curtains hanging next to the hutch in the first photo on this post?)

And here's my beautiful Tucker Wall Unit now!
I just love it!!

I did know when I bought this piece, that the side pieces don't flush with the main unit and I was good with that. Only, my crafty, little brain did not put two-and-two together to realize that the window will show through - duh! So my super, fantastic contractor is coming to my house on Monday to start doing projects around my house (I promise to blog about ALL of them - everything from hanging the pediment I bought in a Parisian flea market, to adding/replacing baseboards and crown moulding, putting a coffered ceiling in our dining room, closing in our pass-through, and the list goes on!). We are going to put a thin piece of MDF or something like that, paint it black, and slide it behind the gap. I think black is the way we want to go because then your eye will glaze over it as if it is just one large piece. If that doesn't look right, then we will just go with the wall color. We don't want to cut the trim in the pieces in case we decide to use them somewhere else some other day.

Well, I am off to do what I love best - decorate (and unfortunately, take care of a sick kid). I will be happy to share my photos once I get it all filled (it really does hold a TON of stuff!) but that will be for another post!


  1. Could Greg possibly build some sort of riser for either the 2 end units or the middle one so the moldings could then sort of fit in-one over or under the other? Not sure if it would work or if it would look funny with different heights, but maybe? It is a beautiful unit but I know that gap will bother you.

  2. Maybe, there will still be a gap though because there is molding at the bottom and at the serving level. I think we will just close in those spots (with a non-permenant) covering over the windows. He will be here Monday so I will ask him. He is building a riser to go under the fireplace we bought so it will hold all our DVDs! Very excited but still have a long way to go. Also, your Mother's Day gift arrived from Joss & Main but I may keep it. I really like it!! Ha, ha!