Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Rocked!

Ok, so Mother's Day is the one day I don't feel guilty for sleeping in late, not doing the dishes, having the kids make breakfast, etc...

I woke up around 8:30ish (sweet!) and read for a little while. The house was nice and quiet. My husband spent the night on the couch because he was up late watching soccer and I have become a bit of a snorer (allergies!). Around 9:30, I hear little footsteps downstairs and clanging in the kitchen. I know soon I will be eating. Not sure what, not sure how it will be cooked, but it will be some semblance of food - at least I hope so!

The next thing I know, breakfast is being served on a tray. On my menu is bacon, (no Weight Watchers today!), scrambled eggs with cheese melted on top, toast, sliced mangoes and OJ. It was set-off with a beautiful red rose. My oldest daughter made it for me and it was delicious.

However, breakfast also came with PRESENTS!! My husband got me a spa gift certificate - one of my favorite gifts to receive. Since I am currently on WW, I decided I would use it when I got to a certain goal. Hopefully sooner than later.

Next came my youngest daughter's gifts. She made a beautiful necklace in Junior Girl Scouts (I am the leader so this one wasn't a surprise to me.)

This was something I pinned on Pinterest (go to my page if you want the directions - under Great for Girl Scouts). This look great and will be something I will definitely wear a lot. We are going to make them to sell as a fundraiser and will do holiday graphics as well.

She also made for me a poem entitled "When I'm Old With You Mom".  Here's how it reads:

When I'm old with you mom . . .
We can go to Disney World and we can walk through the streets and pop into stores. We won't ride on any roller coasters, but that's okay.

When I'm old with you mom . . .
We'll relax by the pool and lay in the warmth of the big, hot sun and won't swim. But that's alright.

When I'm old with you mom . . .
We can travel around the world, bundle up in layers of clothes or lay on the beach, either temperature, I will be fine.

When I'm old with you mom . . .
We can bake our favorite cookies for Christmas, the Iced Italians. I won't drench them in icing or cover them with green and red sprinkles, if you say so.

When I'm old with you mom . . .
We can drive to Gainesville to visit our family: Hannah, Morgan, Harrison, Hudson, and Presley, even if the drive takes a million years.

When I'm old with you mom . . .
We can shop at Publix and I'll be your buddy so you won't get lonely (or forget the list)!

When I'm old with you mom . . .
We can drive our crazy carpool to school and blast the radio to block them out, my ears may burst but, that's ok.

Happy Mother's Day.

My sweet girl brought tears to my eyes!! So sweet and touching (but not better than when she was 3 and thought I was 22 years old and weighed 88 pounds!).

My oldest daughter is so clever, and also addicted to Pinterest like her mom! She Pinned something similar as the above, but made it her own. Her dad bought her the canvas and she did all the rest. I am really impressed with her freehand painting! Now the tough decision is where to hang it!!

Normally, we all hang out in the pool but Sunday was overcast and kind of icky. That makes it the prefect day for movie watching. We watched Joyful Noise (kind of cute) and the original Footloose (great music!).

I had a nice phone conversation with my mom while the family made dinner. For dinner, we had steaks (my husband is a master barbecuer), grilled asparagus, baked potatoes and a side of Bernaise (remember, no Weight Watchers today!). It was finished off with a wonderful wine we brought back from France. I was washing my hands getting ready for dinner when I heard all this yelling and "Bad Dog!" "Bad Dog!!" I go around the corner and see my beautiful, but extremely guilty Black Lab licking her chops. She had made off with one of the steaks!!! BAD DOG! Because one daughter is a vegetarian, we only had 2 steaks originally, so we were down to one for three people. Luckily, everything else was so filling, we didn't starve and finished it all off with cannolis.

All-in-all, it was a great day. I felt loved and appreciated, and I didn't have to do any dishes!! The rest of the house still needed attention, but that's for another post!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day. You are so lucky to have such a special family-and Hattie must still be sporting a grin from ear to ear!