Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's The Final Countdown . . .

Ok, so I was doing what I do best, driving carpool this morning, when the kids were talking about the number of days of school left - 22!! What?!?! But I still have so much more to do before they invade!! Time to make my mac-daddy, "get your butt in gear" To Do list! So here goes -

1. Find a seamstress to make pillows and curtains/roman shades for family room. (Some day - Take sewing class so don't have to pay someone!! I probably could sew a basic pillow but not sure how to do cording and don't want to waste expensive fabric).

Isn't it a great fabric? Waverly Santa Maria Adobe.
2. Paint family room. I can do this myself. I am having a very large cabinet from Pottery Barn delivered in the next couple of weeks (it's been back-ordered) and I want to have the room painted before then.

Love, love, love this! Getting it in black instead!

3.  I spent 3.5 hours yesterday with my favorite carpenter - turned contractor - going over things to do in my house. I always paint or stain whatever he does (to save on cost) so once I get his estimates, time to get staining/painting! We want to have a pediment we bought at a Paris flea market hung (super heavy!),
a coffered ceiling added to our dining room, storage built for DVDs, stained crown moulding hung and a few other miscellaneous jobs.

You can't really tell in the photo above but my pediment is the brown one laying on top of the green trunk. It was an incredible shop! I loved the 15-foot high moldings but promised my husband I wouldn't try to get them home!!

4. Restain upstairs, outside porch.

5. Have curtain/valance made for office. (Again, wish I could really sew!)

PKauffman Breeze Tapestry

6. Buy replacement wine fridge.

7. Organize kitchen cupboards. I have started but not finished yet. Will post all the photos once done. The cabinets I have done so far do look really great!

8. Have pillows made for outside porch. Using Sun 'n Shade fabric so extra thick material.

Waverly Sun 'n Shade Magic Carpet
So that's just part of my list but the items I wanted to prioritize. Once the kids are home, we will tackle closets and desks but that's for another post!

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