Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Is In The Air . . .

Ok, so it might still be 90 outside but I have set the air down real low (don't tell Al Gore!), have my fall candle burning, and have pulled out the fake leaves, fake acorns and all the accoutrements! Now, you need to know I live in Florida and love it from November through June. July and August are so hot we don't see the outdoors much and are busy praying our A/C doesn't break. September and October, I PINE, and I really mean PINE, away for the fall colors happening in those Northern states.

Above is my mantle. Our living room has really high ceilings which I don't really like but it did allow me room to make some changes (and so did my hubby!). When we moved into the house, the fireplace had a generic tile around it and the all over the hearth. It had a large mirror that went all the way to the ceiling and was trimmed by a light oak frame - yes, so '80s. Didn't make me yearn for my big hair and neon colors though. Made me want to redo it - so I did! We pulled off the tile and replaced it with a nice white tile with a braided tile trim. Since I am so seasonal, I wanted a place to hang wreaths, mirrors and other seasonal decor. Then I found this beautiful antique stained glass. It was from the turn of the century (the last one) and is from a church (all I need to do is pass around an offering plate to help make money to pay off my high A/C bill!). The contractor and I went through several different ways to figure out how to light it from behind, light boxes, build out a frame, you name it. Finally, wanting to JUST GET IT DONE, I said just cut a hole in the drywall and stick in the light boxes, so that's what we did. I love it, I will let you know it looks great at night! But now I have gone on a tangent so back to fall!

Love my Pottery Barn ledges. Use them for all kinds of decorating ideas!

I love to put photos on those shelves. The couch for the family room is opposite them so I can very easily look at all those smiling faces looking out at me!

My sweet babies!

I love the look of this copper-trimmed frame. I wanted to put both these sweet faces in it. I didn't like the look of the two photos next to each other so I added a ribbon between to the two.

Last year, my girls put on an art show for the family. They did color drawings, pencil sketches, and some clay artwork. I loved the leaf and tree so I felt the need to use them somewhere in my house. I found a dark wood shadowbox, printed a picture from one of our fall trips, labeled the picture (I do this on a lot of the pictures with mats) and attached the art with a few drops of glue. Faboosh!

Not so fab!
Many years ago, I splurged on a beautiful wreath shown above. About 8 years ago it cost be around $80 - lots of moola then! It was so gorgeous, it had beautiful leaves, berries and apples, pomegranates and pears - until THEY entered the picture - roaches. Over the course of the years, they have eaten my berries, apples, pomegranates and pears! So I chopped off the sad remains of the remnants and then realized it looked even sadder. It needed some major love. Now I may shock you with this but there is not a Hobby Lobby near me. So now, every time I go to see my parents in Ocala, I need my HL fix. Last time I was there, I came across these papier mache, mercury glassesque (not a real word but I like the sound of it!) pumpkins. So I decided to add them to my wreath and here's the new and improved wreath:

Much better thank you!

This still needs some tweaking. We actually use the plates, bowls and platters in here a
lot so I wanted to keep them accessible.
That's all to show for now. I have some more work to do so stay posted!

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  1. It's looking really good. The wreath looks so much better. Can't wait to see it all in person!