Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Was I Thinking . . .

Ok, in the spirit of the current economy of the US, I have decided to try to cut back a little while redoing my daughter's bedroom. I removed the popcorn off the ceiling myself (she has 12 foot ceilings on a slope). I decided not to prime the bare ceiling because I was out of primer and too lazy (and trying to save $$$) to run to the store to get more so I just painted the ceiling twice with the paint I already had. I will not talk about the two spots that were peeling (yes, at the 12 foot mark) and how I went back over them with a brush and a prayer that they won't peel anymore!!

We did splurge on new carpet and some new furniture. How is that saving you ask? Well, carpet not so much but it was desperately needed (she currently has hot pink carpet which I am sad to see go but it is FILTHY!). The savings came with the furniture. Each of the last two days, I have assembled furniture. No, we didn't need that fancy furniture from a fancy store where it comes assembled and big burly men bring it in your house and put it wherever you want. We got the Target special. Now, you don't know a lot about me yet but I LURVE Target!! It is a great company, with great products and I was an employee there for 3 years, excuse me, I mean Team Member! However, back to subject, each day I came home from picking my youngest daughter up from camp, there has been a BIG, and I mean BIG package at my door.
Don't forget to multiply this by 2!
Now I live in a three story house (No, I am not skinny. Yes, I thought the house would help me lose the baby weight, too!) but I decided it would be easier to assemble the furniture downstairs and carry it put together upstairs. Not sure about that decision yet as I have been in "put together" mode! My fingers hurt, my back hurts, and my right foot (where I dropped the bookcase not once, but twice on it) really smarts!!

So here's the fun I have been enjoying:

That's alotta pieces - again, times 2!!

I'm gonna need a bigger glue bottle!

I see lots of pieces!

It's getting there. Hope I didn't do it upside down!

Love the detailing.

And double taaaaadaaaa!
These will look great in Liv's room. Can't wait to fill them up and should hold lots of goodies. We found some great, decorated bins to go on the shelves and hold toys and keep us organized!!

Now on to the TV stand!!

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