Monday, August 15, 2011

Popcorn is Better with Butter . . .

Not on the ceiling! I HATE popcorn ceilings! My hubby says hate is a strong word but that is how I really feel about those hideous ceilings. Lazy contractors put them up, they don't look good and will eventually collect dust and dirt (no, I am not a clean freak but I prefer to keep my dirt on the ground where I could easily clean it if the urge ever struck me! It doesn't strike often!) Ok, so with new carpet on it's way, I decided to start tackling my daughter's bedroom ceiling. My hubby grabbed the big ladders (her ceiling is sloped and starts at 8 feet and goes up to 12 feet!!) and I grabbed the spray bottle and scraper. That's all you need (plus, determination and old clothes!)

So I started spraying and scrapping, scrapping and spraying, spraying and scrapping. That's it - just like lather, rinse and repeat. It's not hard, it just takes grit (going with old school terminology!). Here's a tip, cover the ceiling fan so popcorn doesn't fall in the motor. I learned that lesson the expensive way in another room!

Some normal people might also use goggles but I don't like wearing them because they fog up and I can't see well with them, so I have gotten good at staying out of the way of falling down popcorn. Look down when you are just overhead!

All in all, it went well and smoothly - ha, ha - that was the goal wasn't it?

A couple coats of fresh paint (I was out of primer and too lazy to leave the house to buy it, don't recommend that as the paint pulled up in a couple of places and I had to work my magic to sand it back down and repaint!).

But now it's as good as smooth! Makes all the difference in the world! It really only took me one day's work. I have done all the ceilings in the house except for the living room but that has 16 (or higher, I have never measured) foot ceilings so mama's not gonna do it! I will leave that to the professionals!

So if you are going to try it, have fun and plan on getting dirty! There will be popcorn in body places you didn't know existed but the finished look will be clean and smooth and give you a feeling of a job well done!

Now it's time to pick paint colors, but that's for another post!

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