Friday, February 22, 2013

I've Hit the Big Time . . .

Ok, not really but two exciting things have happened.

One, I just went over 10,000 page views on my blog. Now I know there are blogs out there who are well in the millions but for my little, almost-always-incomplete projects, never-show-you-the-final-shot blog, that's not too shabby. AND, considering I have only done 95 posts (yes mom, I know you have over 300 posts and I am a lazy blogger), that's over 100 page views per post!

Two, this little gem arrived in the mail this week.

Now, it's only natural that I would assume that I received this invitation to the brand spanking-first in our area Container Store because of my powerful and influential blog and that I was one of the "Must Haves" at their party so I could immediately run home after the party and blog about it (whew, totally long run-on sentence!).

But, in reality, it's more likely that I am one of their frequent on-line customers. I do like a good drawer divider! Did you notice the perfectly chilled champagne, lavish hors d'oeuvres, and dancing to live entertainment? Really, I think a Container Store would be more screw cap wine and an iPod (of course, I have never been in one so who the heck am I to judge? But, if I drink champagne on my first trip there, won't I always expect it, like meatballs at Ikea?).

There's even a host committee. Darn it! I don't rank enough to get on that. Guess I should have bought the elfa Closet Components! I do love that they are donating a portion of their opening weekend proceeds to The Junior League of Tampa. 

So pretty and match-matchy!
There's the actual Golden Ticket.
Wish it came with a coupon.
My friend Karyn and I are planning a trip to The Container Store (not sure I will go to the fancy-schmancy party - as you all know, I really only having painting clothes. No gowns here.) so if anyone wants to make a day of it, we could also hit Crate & Barrel, Ballard Designs and then Ikea for meatballs and cheap frames. I do have a long list of needs wants and now I don't have to spend all that money on S&H!

On a side note, my daughter managed to stay in school all day today as her swelling has gone down and her pain is subsiding. I am off to have a glass of wine and put my feet up. Hubby is still out of town, the house is fairly clean and pizza is on the menu tonight! Looking forward to another project tomorrow but that is for another post!

P.S. Mom, are you proud of me? Four posts in a row, baby! But don't get used to it!

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  1. Wow! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw another post from you tonight-a record indeed! Glad Caitlin is feeling a bit better. Wish we were closer and I could be sharing a glass of wine with you-especially in a clean house with pizza on the way!! Congrats on your 10,000th view.