Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Sights of Summer . . .

Can't. Stay. Ahead. Of . The. Dog. Hair! HELP!!! I spent a good part of Sunday sweeping and vacuuming up the hair from our black lab, Hattie. Now she is a really sweet dog and I love her to death however, she has a real issue with shedding. Now I know that is not her fault I just wish she could learn to clean up after herself. Wonder if I used Rogaine on her, would she stop losing her hair??

Yesterday, I dropped both of my Invisalign braces on the ground. I found one immediately, the other I couldn't find. I got down on my hands and knees to get a better look. I started gasping at all the dog hair hiding under the TV stand, the bookcase, the couch!! Never saw the brace literally right in front of me! The hair was everywhere - AGAIN! At that moment, my husband, his friend and his 3 kids, not to mention the 3 kids already in my house, all walked in the door. Yes, I am on the ground, covered in hair and they want to know what I am doing (somewhat reasonable question I guess!). I tell them and they all rush over to help! This would have been fine, and appreciated, but I was mortified by the little patches of dog floating around my house!! Have no fear, the brace was recovered, covered in dog hair (yes, it's been cleaned) and everyone headed to the pool. Except me who got out the vacuum!

Skip ahead three hours later, Rich (my husband) and I finally sit down to eat after everyone's gone and the girls are in bed. We sit by the TV to watch the rest of the Tampa Bay Rays game (Go Rays! They won!). I just put my feet up and what to my wondering eyes goes by, not one, not two, but three little hair balls!! If I was Martha Stewart, I would gather them and knit them into a holiday quilt however, I am not. I therefore, me being me, decided to name them and enjoy them being in my house! Now when the girls ask for another pet, we have several already in our home! Pick one. If you can't beat them, join them!

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