Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hardwood Floors Renovation and Update

Ok, so I do have a few "done" projects, not many, but a few. Here's one that I think makes a major difference and may be, just may be a "done" project only because I hired someone to do the whole project! The guys at Frontier Hardwood  were just fantastic to work with, very professional, reasonable priced, and got the job done to my satisfaction!
The downstairs floors were in pretty good shape
but were just a bit too yellowy-orange for me.

I did have to have the elevator removed so they could
patch this spot so the floor was no longer mobile!
This lovely blue, nasty, nasty carpet covered the
entire upstairs (with the exception of the elevator room)
and the stairs. 
To save money, my oldest and I pulled all of the carpeting, the padding,
and the carpet tack strips out and then
had a great time throwing it out the window,
and then eventually into the dumpster.
My oldest on top of the dumpster pile!
Yeah! We filled it, and a second one!

After the sanding, I think they look better already. 

Trying to decide what stain to go with??
Decisions, decisions?
I wanted a dark floor so the stain on the right it is.

First coat but needs a lot more.
Much better than the blue carpeting, though.

Freshly applied second coat.
Luckily, it dried matte because
I did not want it glossy.

The finished product!
I love my floors and think they turned out
just great. 
The floors have been here for 90 years and hopefully, they'll be here another 90. I was a bit verklempt when the first scratch happened but then I realized that the scratches will only give it more character and add to the "charm" of the our home. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not protecting everything with pads!! I have a few more "afters" to show on other projects but that will be for another post!


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