Sunday, July 12, 2015


I'm baaaccckkkk . . . the girls and I just got back from a 10-day road trip (loads of fun) but I'll blog about that later. Today, I want to share another addiction frugal shopping resource for me - eBay. I am addicted, and I mean might-need-professional-help addicted, to checking it each and every day for the newest offerings. Luckily for me, you can see just the newest listings (which is a HUGE time saver) and of course, there is something about "winning" an item that brings out the competitor in me (and I thought I was bad with SEC football)! A lot of the items I am interested in offer a Buy-It-Now option so if I really want it, I don't have to worry about winning it, it just becomes all mine! Borrowing a quote from Lord of the Rings (which I have never seen but love this quote), "We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious." That about sums up my eBaying life!

This is one glass knob that I "WON" in of a box of 8 that I bought for
just a song and a dance (figuratively speaking, of course)!
I mean really, who doesn't want a box full of glass knobs?
This is my heaven!
This gorgeous window was originally going
in the Butler's Pantry but has now been
reassigned to replace a boring window in the kitchen.
I got a good deal on it however it's still in the shop getting a good cleaning
and overall check-up before being installed as an exterior window.

This is a bad photo but this window is going to be installed
above my fireplace. It's simply stunning and I could
not stop checking it out! I was going to eBay every couple
of hours to make sure no one else had bought it.
It simply makes me happy, and yes, I know I am a material girl!
It has some broken glass pieces that need replacing so
this will go into the window shop shortly.
Isn't this cute?
I added this to a door on my new appliance closet. 
I love these corbels!
The colors are perfect and I can't decide if I'm going
to use them for my house, possibly for open shelving in the
kitchen or in the family room, or if I'll use them to make
something to sell on Etsy. Decisions, decisions!
I also got some smaller ones but don't have a picture of them
right now. I'll show those to you later.
I love my new-old home. I love the layout and size of the rooms. It has almost all the original windows, solid wood doors with glass knobs, 9' ceilings, and fab wood floors but a lot of the detailing and charm have been removed over the course of time. My job is to add it A.L.L. back! I have also been busy "sprucing" up my carriage house so I can rent it and that should be done in about a month so I'll share all those Befores and Afters with you, too.

Sneak Preview of the Carriage House bathroom -
it's a beaut, isn't it?
The carriage house kitchen and yes, I had the oven removed
but everything else you see is exactly how it is!
I also have some more goodies to share with you from some local salvage shops and thrift stores but those will be for another post! So much fun!!

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