Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Heck of a Project . . .

Ok, so above is my inspiration for part of my Valentine's Day decorations. I was exhausted after camping with my Girl Scouts (probably a future post will reveal all, it went well) and decided to hang on the couch for the day (or make that 2 days!!) to recover and work on a craft. So decision made. Not too hard! I pulled out my crepe paper (used a pale pink I already had), a Styrofoam ball and lots of glue, oh so much glue!

So I cut the crepe paper into 24" strips and started to roll. And roll, And roll. Now mind you, I had 2 seasons of the Gilmore Girls to watch (oh Mom, I need more seasons . . . can you bring on Sunday??). I managed to watch most of the episodes (watching one right now while I type this!). That Lorelei makes me laugh!!

And here's the result! Just kidding! This is just the start. My little roses look so sad so they need more friends. On to rolling, and more rolling, oh yeah, and more rolling!

Now we are rolling (ba-da-bump! Try the veal!). Not looking too bad but oh yeah, needs more roses.

Will this do? So close but not quite there!! As I was rolling, I started to get nervous. One, NO WAY was I going to make 2 of these! Too much time! Also, I was well on my way to running out of crepe paper but I really like the way it looks!

And here's the finished project. I actually am proud of it and really like the way it looks. I had to rearrange the shelf because the original plan was to have two (reminder: NOT MAKING TWO OF THEM!) but I think it's big enough to fill the shelf!

I am only showing you this because I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat. Yes, I ran out of crepe paper and because it was so old, not sure I could match it. So this genius just put the open part inside the urn! DUH!

Once again, the finished project! I have to admit, my roses are a little tighter and bigger than my inspiration sphere, and probably took a lot more time to make, but I really like it. I did start to fill some frames but had to put the glitterfest on hold since I have neglected my house. Off to do some more cleaning and organizing but that will be for another post.


  1. I love it. Can't wait to receive mine for Valentine's Day!

  2. Maybe next year!! I'll start rolling tomorrow!