Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where Does All the Time Go . . .

Ok, I have all these grandiose plans to do all the little projects in my house before the holidays hit. I see ideas on-line or in catalogs and get SO inspired. They are all great and would look perfect in my house. The problem is . . .  I am so busy pinning items on Pinterest, I don't leave myself anytime to make/do/cook any of my pins!! It's so addictive!

Every time I log on to Pinterest, I feel a little giddy. There, categorized in fabulous categories, are all my favorite things (insert obligatory except for husband, kids and family - yada, yada, yada). My eyes light up when my boards pull up. I feel proud when someone Repins or Likes one of my pins. I like to see what my followers are repinning. It's like Disney, the happiest place on earth!

So, here are some of my favorite pins for the upcoming Christmas season, pins I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS SEASON (one hand on the keyboard, one raised in my Girl Scout promise sign!):

1.  It's so simple but I just love the look of this. Now I just have to find the snowflakes!

2. I have been wanting to make something cute for the teachers so going to make this over Thanksgiving break so they can have in their classrooms during the holidays.

3. Must print this off and put in my craft room. I love Elf, it's the first movie our family watches during the Christmas season.

4. Every year I host a Cookie Exchange and I have this year's theme all planned out (for a future post!). I really like the looks of this. Mine won't be exact but I will use the basic gist for my party!

5. This has a nice, clean look. Can't afford fresh carnations for the wreaths but will come up with an alternative. I plan on using my milk glass and ornaments and recreating this feel.

Ok, there are about 50 more ideas I want to make/use but I have to set some realistic expectations!! Of course the only way I can actually make it all happen, is to log off my blog, kiss Pinterest good-bye for the day (parting is such sweet sorrow!) and get off the couch!! I will share all my projects come to life, but that will be for another post!

P.S. If you want to make any of the above ideas, click onto my Pinterest account, under my board labeled Christmas (real creative title, huh??)

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  1. I think I used snowflakes just like those last year. Got them at HL. I'll check for you the next time I go out there.