Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can't Wait!!

Ok, so in 30 minutes I am heading off to Asheville, North Carolina!! Very excited. My family usually takes a fall trip in October. We have really hit the East coast hard and will move more out west in the next couple of years.  However this year, we wanted to go back to one of our faves . . . this is probably our 4th time to North Carolina. We have also visited Vermont, Williamsburg, Jamestown,Virginia and Montreal. They all have beautiful leaves but nothing is like driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

So we are off to drop the dog off with her grandparents, pick up one niece and head to Savannah tonight. We are going to eat at Lady & Sons for lunch and then on to Asheville for apple picking, a corn maze, hiking and picnicking on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I hope you are having fall fun this weekend and I will fill you in on my trip but that will be for another post!

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