Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's About Time . . .

Ok, so I have been living with this 1980s, completely hideous, ugliness for almost ten years (I think I deserve a major award!).

If you look super closely, you can see the wood from the other side.
Many years ago, I put up bead board in Caitlin's room to
hide the glass blocks on her side.
So with the girls in Gainesville and hubby visiting his dad, I woke up this morning and decided it needed to be a productive day. I pulled out the big ladder and took detailed measurements. Then I headed to Home Depot, picked up some luan, and had one of the employees cut down the wood for me (makes it super easy, peasy!). Now in my mind, I would just stick up the luan, add a few nails and then paint it all and believe it or not, that's exactly the way it went.

This piece was cut a little crooked but once I painted it,
you really couldn't notice.
This was my trick corner because it actually had a bend.

All the luan fit nicely and was super easy to install,
plus it's light so not too heavy to lift by myself.
The Home Depot man cut some 3' x 1" strips for me and I used them as trim to go over the seams. I originally was going to just glue up the strips so I started that (gobs of glue later) but found it easier to just nail them in place. I then added a bunch of spackle (forgot to sand so don't look closely when you visit) and added paint. And here's the finished product . . . 

Not too bad??
I was going to paint the wood strips brown to add some more color
but since their placement apart varies based on where the main
supports of the glass blocks are, I painted them white.

I might actually add some fun art or some sort of decorations up there but for now, I will just admire it. I do have some touch-up painting still to do but tackling that tomorrow. My dog woke me up at 4 a.m. this morning and I didn't really fall back asleep (thanks Hattie!). More painting tomorrow but that is for another post.


  1. That looks so much better than those horrible glass blocks. I can't believe you did it yourself-oh, yes I can- you're my daughter! Tawanda!!!!!

    1. I know, I am looking at it right now and have to say, I am a bit proud. It does look so much better! Watched Fried Green Tomatoes with Caitlin and taught her where Tawanda comes from!