Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hellllllo, Long Lost Friends!

Ok, so I know it has been F.O.R.E.V.E.R. since I posted, technically 26 days, but let me just tell you, a TON has happened in those days. I will catch you up on all the fun, I promise, but for now, here's a quick sneak peek:

St. Petersburg High School's 2013 Relay for Life
Lakeview Fundamental's 5th Grade Party
My niece Morgan's 14th birthday shopping trip
My first trip ever to the Mother Ship!
So, as you can see it has been a super busy month. With my oldest busy with spring activities at school, finishing up projects and studying for exams, her schedule is never dull. My youngest is "graduating" the 5th grade (10 years of my life have been dedicated to this elementary school!!), and she has more field trips and award ceremonies than should be legal! Needless to say, the month has been crazy, but it's all good!

Details on all the fun events to come, but that is for another post!

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